What is a Dealership Alternative Auto Repair Shop?


What is a Dealership Alternative Auto Repair Shop?When a person buys a new car they often assume that they must have that new car serviced at the dealership in order to receive proper maintenance and to ensure that their warranty stays valid. This isn't true. While you can't just take your car to any ol' auto shop, there are modern auto repair facilities that can act as dealership alternatives for all your vehicle maintenance and repair needs and still maintain your manufacturer warranty. Here are few common questions about dealer alternative auto shops that many people ask.

What Qualifications does a Dealership Alternative Have?

Locally owned and operated dealership alternatives generally employ highly skilled, certified technicians that know the ins and outs of many vehicle brands.

What Sort of Maintenance does a Dealer Alternative Perform?

In order for a shop to be a true dealership alternative they must be able to service vehicles in the same way that a dealership would. That means means providing factory scheduled auto maintenance using the most current techniques. This includes 30/60/90K maintenance as well as smaller services such as oil changes and filter replacements.

Do Dealership Alternatives have Access to the Right Parts

Absolutely. Dealership alternatives will use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or better parts with all services and repairs.

Will it Void My Warranty to Use a Dealer Alternative?

Not at all. A well qualified shop will be sure to use factory correct techniques that will never challenge your warranty's regulations. Dealership alternatives can work on the newest vehicles on the road.

What Sort of Technology does a Dealer Alternative Use?

True dealership alternatives use the same computer diagnostic and repair equipment that is used by dealerships. This means you're getting the exact same service you would at the dealer.

Does it Cost Extra to Go to an Independent Dealership Alternative?

No way. Dealer alternatives take pride in being able to charge less than a dealership. That is what makes taking your vehicle to them so great, you receive excellent auto repair and maintenance service at a fraction of the price!

If you're looking for expert auto repair service at a cost much lower than the dealer be sure to contact your local repair shop and ask about their qualifications. For a European auto repair dealer alternative in Tacoma head to Autobahn Specialists. We service all German, Swedish, English and other European vehicles! Come find out why we are a favorite for European auto repair in Tacoma. Make an appointment today by calling (253) 235-0904 to speak to our friendly team.

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