What is causing my European car's check engine light to turn on? in Tacoma, WA

What is causing my European car's check engine light to turn on?

When your check engine light illuminates, it isn't necessarily an indication that your engine is about to fail. Nonetheless, it's still best to visit the shop for computerized diagnostics. This way, any emerging problems can be addressed before they get worse and require more costly repairs. When you need engine repair for your European vehicle, make sure you entrust the work to a reputable mechanic who specializes in Euro car services. Here are six common reasons the check engine light comes on.

Failing Catalytic Converter

A healthy catalytic converter plays a crucial role in minimizing the amount of pollution emitted by your vehicle. Signs of catalytic converter trouble include worsening acceleration, darkened exhaust smoke, and a sulphurous odor.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen sensors keep tabs on the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust system. An oxygen sensor problem can then cause trouble with the catalytic converter.

Bad Battery/Charging System

If battery trouble causes low voltage at the computer, then the check engine light could illuminate.

Failing Ignition Coil

Healthy ignition coils are integral to creating the spark necessary for your engine to come roaring to life. Power loss and misfiring are symptoms of an ignition coil issue.

Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor

MAF sensors do the important job of keeping tabs on how much air is coming in and determining how much fuel should be injected with it. There may be a MAF sensor issue if your car hesitates while accelerating or stalls shortly after firing up.

Faulty Spark Plugs

Old, dirty spark plugs can cause worsening performance and gas mileage. Cars manufactured in the last 20 years can often go 100,000 miles before needing new plugs. Older automobiles tend to need plug replacement more frequently.

If you need European auto repair, be sure to visit a reputable specialist. For European check engine light diagnostics & repair in Tacoma, Federal Way, Sumner, Puyallup, Gig Harbor, and Lakewood, WA, contact the experts at Autobahn Specialists at (253) 235-0904. Feel free to give Autobahn Specialists a call today to make an appointment for any of your European vehicle's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: June 7, 2021

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