What does Colorful Exhaust Represent?


What does Colorful Exhaust Represent?Today's vehicles have many ways of alerting drivers to potential problems. There's an array of dashboard indicator lights that represent issues with the engine, the electrical system, the brakes and many other systems within the vehicle. These are all powered by computers and microprocessors, but there are some problems that you can detect without the help of any sort of technology. Just by using your senses you may be able to prevent major engine damage. If you see colorful exhaust smoke take note of what it could represent using this guide and then make an appointment with your local auto repair shop to have it repaired.

Blue Exhaust Smoke

If your vehicle is suffering from an oil leak inside the engine that is allowing the oil to be burnt up inside the combustion chamber your vehicle will produce blue smoke. It is very important that you have this issue resolved as soon as possible because an oil leak can lead to severe engine damage. If your vehicle's motor is not being properly lubricated there will be harsh metal on metal contact, resulting in a need for extensive engine repair or even the possibility of an engine replacement.

Black Exhaust Smoke

A vehicle that is burning too much gasoline will produce ample amounts of black smoke. If you find black smoke coming out of your tailpipe there's a good chance that there's a problem within the fuel system. It may be a leaking injector or even something as simple as a clogged air filter. If the air filter is clogged your vehicle will compensate for the los.s of oxygen by burning excess amounts of gasoline. This is not only an issue for your engine, as it will cause it to run at higher temperatures than normal, but it greatly decreases your fuel efficiency. Head to an auto shop right away to have this problem resolved.

White Exhaust Smoke

When coolant is burnt in the combustion chamber it causes the vehicle to produce a cloud of puffy white smoke. If you notice that your vehicle is constantly producing this type of exhaust you will want to visit an auto repair shop that can fix the leak that is most likely occurring in the cooling system. If your vehicle is not able to properly cool the engine it will end up suffering major damage.

It's important to pay attention to the signs that your vehicle gives you that there is some sort of trouble. Remember, these signals don't always come in the form of a beeping sound or a flashing light. If you notice excessive and colorful exhaust smoke and think that you need European engine repair in Tacoma you'll want to visit Autobahn Specialists. We specialize in European auto repair for BMW, Mercedes, MINI, Audi, Jaguar and all others. To learn more about our shop or to request professional European auto repair in Tacoma give us a call at (253) 235-0904 today!

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