Top Reasons to Always Keep Up with Oil Changes

Top Reasons to Always Keep Up with Oil Changes

Top Reasons to Always Keep Up with Oil ChangesBy always following your oil change schedule, it's much more likely that your engine will stay healthy for thousands of miles down the road. Your owner's manual will make clear your car's exact needs for oil type and oil change mileage points. These guidelines should always be followed. At Autobahn Specialists, our local mechanics are highly experienced with conducting full-service oil changes and all other types of European auto maintenance in the greater Tacoma area.

Why You Should Never Skip an Oil Change

Harsh metal-on-metal contact can cause serious damage to an engine's moving parts. By staying current with oil changes, it's far more likely that your engine's moving parts will remain thoroughly lubricated and safeguarded against such damage. If you skip oil changes and your engine becomes poorly lubricated, you might hear strange noises coming from your engine and your oil pressure light may illuminate.

It's also important to keep up with oil changes so that sludge doesn't build up in your engine. When you fall behind on oil changes, there's a greater likelihood that pollutants will cause oil to develop a sludgy consistency that provides subpar protection. But then when you do get your oil changed, this gunky oil will be emptied from your engine, which will be filled back up with unpolluted oil that provides optimal lubrication. Another perk of driving with unpolluted oil is that it will help with efficiently redistributing heat from your combustion chamber. This will help to keep your engine temperature at a safe level. Driving with the right amount of unpolluted oil will also help to optimize fuel-efficiency and engine power.

And when you visit an actual auto shop for your oil change, a seasoned mechanic will have the chance to take a quick look at your engine, which could lead to the identification of an emerging problem. Then the issue can be resolved before it escalates and causes bigger trouble.

European Auto Maintenance in Tacoma, WA

When you need an oil change or any other type of European auto maintenance in Tacoma and the surrounding area, contact Autobahn Specialists at (253) 235-0904. At our local European auto shop, we can expertly complete any of your European vehicle's repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: March 2022

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