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6 Important Types of Springtime Auto Maintenance

Spring has officially arrived and the sun is finally starting to show itself after a dreary Northwest winter. In the Puget Sound region, this means it's time to start taking long drives into the mountains or out to the coast. Before you hop on the highway for a lengthy trek, it's important to make sure that your vehicle can be trusted to safely and reliably bring you to your destination. Here are six important auto maintenance tasks for spring.

Replace Wiper Blades

After several months of rain and snow, wiper blades are liable to wear down to the extent that they're incapable of providing you with a safe level of visibility. A fresh set of wiper blades will enable safer navigation when heavy rains fall.

Test Battery

Months of freezing winter temperatures can be harsh on a car battery. To make sure your battery is still working strongly and unlikely to leave you stranded, you can go ahead and get it tested.

Check Tire Pressure/Tread

With significant shifts in seasonal air temperatures, tire pressure is liable to fluctuate. Before you get on the road, you'll want to ensure that your tire pressure is about 35 psi. This also gives you a good chance to inspect your tread so that you can be confident that your tires are able to safely grip the road, rain or shine.

Brake Service

As part of brake service, pads will be replaced if needed. Also, all relevant braking system parts will be properly lubricated. If any serious brake problems are identified, the mechanic will explain them in detail and you'll be given an estimate for the repair costs.

AC Service

On days when the thermometer soars, it'll feel luxurious to have an AC system that keeps you at just the right temperature. With AC service, the mechanic will make sure that all system parts are functioning at optimal efficiency.

Check/Change Oil

By always staying up to date with your vehicle's oil change schedule, you'll be doing your part to ensure that your engine stays fully lubricated and protected from damage that friction could cause. Regular oil changes will also help to maintain a healthy engine temperature and maximize engine power.

If you need European auto maintenance, be sure to bring your vehicle to an experienced specialist. For European auto maintenance in Tacoma, WA, contact the experts at Autobahn Specialists at (253) 235-0904. Feel free to give Autobahn Specialists a call today to make an appointment for any of your European vehicle's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: April 6, 2021

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