Must know Land Rover problems in Tacoma, WA

Must know Land Rover problems

Must Know Land Rover ProblemsWhen you spend upwards of $65,000 on a vehicle it is understandable to expect luxury, great looks and outstanding performance. These are three traits that Land Rover offers, as well as go-anywhere ruggedness, supreme comfort and the use of state of the art technology. Yet, as with any car or truck on the road, they are not without their faults. While older models are more likely to suffer from these issues, even Land Rovers with few miles on the odometer are known to show symptoms of the following types of trouble. So if you're planning on purchasing a used Land Rover, or if your current one is acting up, here are five issues you need to know.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are extremely common on all makes and models of vehicles. When it comes to Land Rover SUVs the most common locations of these leaks are the oil cooler lines and the valve cover gaskets. It's important to have these leaks repaired ASAP to prevent the possibility of engine damage caused by poor lubrication.

Failed Air Suspension

The air suspension system in Land Rovers is designed to enhance ride comfort and stability. Unfortunately Land Rover has not perfected their suspension type and in many cases it is known to fail after less than five years, resulting in uneven ride height.

Steering Shaft Malfunction

Problems within the steering shaft are becoming more and more apparent. If you hear strange sounds as you turn the wheel, you'll want to visit a Land Rover mechanic ASAP. This could be the first sign of increased difficulty steering, which would make your vehicle unsafe to drive.

Premature Airbag Deployment

Due to friction between the airbag springs and the steering column, the wiring that triggers the airbag may split. This can cause the airbag to suddenly deploy, which can cause injury or even death.

Faulty Parking Brake

While not as serious as some of the other issues on this list, the parking brake on Land Rover SUVs is not known for longevity. If you hear screeching or grinding noises as you apply the parking brake, it is likely out of alignment. Head to a local Land Rover repair shop for proper adjustments.

Land Rovers are wonderful vehicles, but they, as with all cars and SUVs, aren't faultless. If you are thinking of purchasing a used Land Rover, or currently own one, you can trust the team at Autobahn Specialists to provide you with expert Land Rover service in Tacoma. From routine maintenance to complex engine diagnostics, we do it all at our European auto repair shop. To learn more, or to request an appointment for European auto repair in Tacoma give us a call at (253) 235-0904 today.

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