Must know Mini Problems in Tacoma, WA

Must know Mini Problems

Must Know MINI ProblemsThe new versions of the Mini Cooper are a ton of fun to drive but after being on the market for about 15 years several common problems with these vehicles have surfaced, especially the earlier ones from about 2002-2008. It is important to be aware of these issues so that you can have your car serviced before any of these complications leave you stuck on the side of the road. These five common issues are also good to know if you're considering purchasing a used Mini Cooper.

Variable Valve Timing Damage

If the oil is not changed often enough the variable valve timing (VVT) system can have its performance hindered. This will result in performance problems for your car. Be sure to always change your oil on time!

Power Steering Pump Failure

One of the biggest issues with these vehicles is the unforeseen failure of the power steering pump. If your vehicle's steering wheel becomes difficult to turn, especially at low speeds, this is a good indicator the pump has bit the dust. Because the front of the car will need to be dismantled in order to replace the pump, it may be worth testing the cooling fan and other difficult to reach parts in the area while in the shop.

Water Pump Leak

Minis with more than 50,000 miles on the odometer are known to regularly spring leaks from the thermostat housing or the water pump. If you replace the pump and housing before a leak occurs you can save hours of labor, cutting down on the repair cost.

Loose Timing Chain

The timing chains of these vehicles have been known to become loose quite early in their roadlife. The most common symptom of a loose timing chain is a rattling noise, especially at start up. Ignoring this problem can lead to major engine damage, requiring extensive repair.

Automatic Transmission Failure

The CVT transmissions of pre 2008 Mini Coopers are known to fail, but this isn't really a mechanical error. The manufacturer stated that this transmission does not require transmission fluid flushes and other maintenance services, and this has proved to be a false statement. Transmission maintenance should be done every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

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