Does My Car Need Cooling System Repair?


Does My Car Need Cooling System Repair?The cooling system is integral to engine health as it is tasked with regulating the operating temperature of the motor during use. Should the cooling system fail your vehicle's engine would in effect melt itself from the inside out. To prevent this from happening be sure to visit an auto shop if you notice any of these common signs of cooling system or radiator trouble. Remember, the longer you wait to have repairs done the bigger chance of major engine trouble.

Rising Temperature Gauge

The temperature gauge or engine temperature warning light on your dashboard should be the first thing to clue you in to cooling system trouble. If you notice the gauge reading in the red zone be sure to pull over as soon as you can. Chances are the car just needs to cool down, but if it happens again a trip to the shop is in order.

Steaming Hood

If you missed the gauge rising then it is probable that the car will begin to overheat which is often characterized by white steam pouring out from under the hood. If this occurs pull into a service station and let your car cool. Contact your mechanic for further advice as depending on what's happening they may suggest driving to the shop while in other conditions a tow many be necessary.

Low Coolant Levels

From time to time be sure to check your vehicle's fluid levels, including its coolant. If you find that the coolant is low there's a good chance a leak is present. The following two issues will accompany a leak, depending on if it is an internal or external leak.

White Exhaust Smoke

An internal coolant leak will allow coolant to be burned up in the combustion chamber. This will result in the production of excessive white exhaust smoke. Should you ever notice extra smoke coming out of your car's tailpipe be sure to visit the shop for further diagnostics.

Visible Coolant Leak

Coolant is usually bright green in color and has a sweet, maple syrup-like smell to it. Should you find a liquid fitting this description under your vehicle you'll want to schedule repairs immediately. Low coolant levels will result in overheating and engine damage if left unaddressed.

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