7 Signs that You Need Transmission Repair in Tacoma, WA

7 Signs that You Need Transmission Repair

7 Signs that You Need Transmission RepairWhen seemingly minor transmission issues emerge, it's important to act quickly to address them. Otherwise, they're liable to quickly escalate and result in a need for very expensive repairs. Here's a look at seven signs or transmission trouble.

Herky-Jerky Shifting

Your transmission could be running on worn-out parts if you've noticed it shaking or lunging when you shift.

Pops Out of Gear

If you're just rolling along smoothly and all of a sudden your vehicle jumps out of gear, then you've got a classic indication of transmission trouble. Not only is this a significant mechanical problem, it also poses a safety hazard because you no longer have full control over the operation of your vehicle.


In vehicles with manual transmissions, grinding is an indication that the clutch has started failing.

Makes Noise in Neutral

If you hear shaking sounds while in neutral, they could be arising because of a transmission issue. It's possible that a transmission fluid flush will take care of this symptom.

Hard to Get into Gear

You shouldn't need to make several attempts just to get into gear. However, if you do, then a problem with your transmission could be brewing.

Burning Fluid

If you've noticed that your transmission fluid smells burnt or has turned to a darker color, then you'll want to get to the shop for an inspection.

Leaking Fluid

Every now and again, you'll want to take a look at the pavement where your vehicle is regularly parked and check for signs of automotive fluid leaks. Transmission fluid's reddish hue can often help with telling it apart from other types of fluid.

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Posted: June 4, 2020

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