5 Ways to Identify Automotive Trouble


5 Ways to Identify Automotive TroubleWhen it comes to car trouble there is really no shortage of ways to tell that something is amiss. Using your own five senses you can generally pick up on some sort of clue that there is trouble ahead. Pay attention to the following signs and symptoms of car trouble, if you notice any of them be sure to get to a repair shop right away.


There are many sounds that indicate car problems. Some of the most common include grinding noises when you were trying to brake, indicating low brake pads, whining or grinding during shifting, which can mean there is low transmission fluid, excessive engine revving while accelerating, which could mean that your car has an exhaust leak.


Smells are never good when you're driving. If you smell something burning like a campfire it could mean that it is time for a new clutch. Do you smell old, dirty clothes? This could be a sign of mold in the AC system. Does it always smell like a gas station in your car? This could mean your car is leaking fuel, which is incredibly dangerous!


A shake and shimmy mean there is serious trouble onboard. A vibrating steering wheel often means your car is due for a wheel alignment. A vibrating brake pedal can indicate warped rotors. A gas pedal that shakes may mean your car has an exhaust leak.

Dashboard Indicator Light

There are numerous lights on your dashboard designed to illuminate when a sensor detects some sort of trouble. The most well known is of course the check engine light, but other lights include the ABS light (brakes), TPMS light (tires), transmission temperature light, cooling system light, battery/electrical light and several others.

Visual Clues

Of course there are a variety of other things that you can see that mean you're due for a trip to the auto shop. Leaks and excessive exhaust smoke being the most common.

Never put off auto repair after noticing that something is off. The trouble will only grow worse and more expensive to fix! If you need European auto repair in Tacoma head to Autobahn Specialists. We service cars from Germany, England and throughout Europe. Give us a call at (253) 235-0904 for exceptional European auto service in Tacoma today.

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