5 Signs it's time for European Engine Repair


5 Signs it's time for European Engine RepairIf you rely on your car to get to and from your daily chores and weekend fun, it is important that you provide it with the routine maintenance it requires to remain in great running condition. However, there's more to car care than that. As you drive it is important that you pay attention to any signs of trouble that may present as you cruise down the road. There are many ways that your car will inform you of potential trouble, the following being five of the most common signs of serious engine trouble. If you notice any of them be sure to bring your European vehicle to a European auto repair specialist.

Knocking noise

One of the more serious signs of engine trouble in any vehicle is a knocking noise that comes from under the hood. If that knocking noise rises and falls with the engine RPMs. This is generally an indication of failing engine bearings, which support the moving parts of the motor. Should they be allowed to fail the engine would likely need a rebuild.

Metal flakes in engine oil

When you have the oil changed be sure the technicians check the old oil for metal flakes. Metal flakes in the oil often means that excessive friction is occurring inside the engine, which means that there is insufficient lubrication.

Increased exhaust smoke

If you notice excessive smoke coming from your tailpipe you'll want to get to the repair shop. Based on the color of the smoke you can often tell what the issue is. White smoke can indicate burning coolant, blue smoke means oil is in the gas and black smoke means too much fuel is burning.

Poor performance

If your vehicle is having trouble getting up to speed, has a rough idle or needs a few minutes to warm up, you'll want to visit a mechanic. Often times minor tune up services can restore drivability if performance issues arise.

Check engine light

If the check engine light comes on be sure to visit a mechanic as soon as possible. Many issues that cause the light to come on represent small problems, but they will grow to be expensive problems if left unchecked.

If you need European engine repair in Tacoma trust the pros at Autobahn Specialists. We work on all European vehicles, providing dealership style European auto repair. Give us a call at (253) 235-0904 to request an appointment for professional, English, Italian, Swedish or German auto repair in Tacoma.

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