Independent Mercedes Repair in Tacoma in Tacoma, WA

Independent Mercedes Repair in Tacoma

Independent Mercedes Repair in TacomaWhen it comes to taking care of your Mercedes there are a few options. You can return to the dealership and pay high prices. You can take your car to the guy next door who says he has all the tools and hope for the best. Or you can visit an independent repair shop that offers superior services performed by expert technicians at affordable prices. The latter, while perhaps not as cheap as the neighbor, is definitely less expensive than the dealership and will have just as quality service as the dealer, something your buddy likely can't offer. Here's what you can get at a professional independent Mercedes repair facility.

Mercedes Diagnostics

A true dealership alternative will offer expert diagnostics using factory correct diagnostic equipment. This means the technicians will be able to hook your car up to a computer to quickly and accurately pinpoint troubles.

Mercedes Engine Repair

Engines are complicated and repairing them requires great skill in mechanics and electronics. At a dealership alternative facility you will find technicians that are highly trained in repairing all sorts of engine trouble. It is important that you pay attention to how your Mercedes is running at all times so that if something seems amiss you can get to the repair center.

Mercedes Transmission Service

If your Mercedes is having trouble getting through the gears or if it is time for transmission service there is no need to go to the dealer. Trust a local mechanic that has factory training instead and get expert service at a fraction of the price.

Mercedes General Repairs

A full service Mercedes dealer alternative will be able to take care of any general repairs needed by your car or SUV as well. This includes brake repair, suspension service, electrical repairs, AC repair and more.

Mercedes Factory Maintenance

What is very important is ensuring that the dealership alternative can offer factory Mercedes maintenance. There are numerous services required by all cars and trucks in order to remain healthy.

When it comes time to get Mercedes service in Tacoma the independent shop that offers all of this is Autobahn Specialists. We take pride in helping our friends and neighbors keep their Mercedes, as well as other German, British, Swedish and Italian cars, running great with professional European auto maintenance. Give us a call today at (253) 235-0904 to schedule superior European auto maintenance in Tacoma or the surrounding areas!

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