Common Volvo Problems You Need to Know in Tacoma, WA

Common Volvo Problems You Need to Know

Volvo vehicles are very reputable for the high marks in safety and reliability across the world, as well as their ability to rack up hundreds of thousands of miles on their odometer with minimal maintenance and repair. However, like any type of vehicle that has spent a few years on the road there are some common issues that have become apparent. It is important to understand these issues as a current Volvo owner or as someone that is considering purchasing one of these used Swedish automobiles to ensure it remains in a safe and reliable condition for years and years.

Transmission Problems with the Volvo V70

The V70 has been a part of the Volvo lineup for almost 20 years and is well reputed as a reliable vehicle, fun car to drive. That said, there are many owners that have reported several issues with the transmission in this car, which include erratic shifting or grinding gears. In most cases this problem can be resolve with general maintenance, including a transmission fluid flush, however it may need a transmission software update.

Power Steering Leak in Volvo S60

The hose that carries the the fluid from the power steering reservoir to the power steering system itself has been known to spring leaks. Fortunately this is a rather simple fix that only requires replacing this small, inexpensive hose.

Water Logged Fuse Box in Volvo 240

While the 240 is thought to be one of the most reliable vehicles produced by Volvo it has a problem that can cause major electrical failure. The fuse box is located in a spot under the dashboard on the driver's side that can allow for water to leak in. If the fuse box becomes wet it may result in the shorting of several electrical systems. Be sure to check the fuse box on a yearly basis to ensure there is no moisture making its way in. If you find any corrosion you will want to replace any fuses that look as if they may start to give you trouble, if they haven't already.

Failed Cooling Fan in Volvo XC60

This crossover is a very versatile vehicle and does well in all types of weather. But even in the bitter cold a failed cooling fan, which is fairly common in these cars, can result in increased engine temperatures that may lead to overheating and engine damage.

By being aware of these problems you can take care of them before they present larger issues for your vehicle. If you need superior Volvo repair in Tacoma you will want to head to Autobahn Specialists. We offer top notch European auto repair for Volvo, BMW, SAAB, MINI, Jaguar, Land Rover and many others. To learn more about our services or to schedule European auto maintenance in Tacoma give us a call at (253) 235-0904 today!

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