Common Causes of No-Start that We Can Fix at Our European Auto Shop in Tacoma in Tacoma, WA

Common Causes of No-Start that We Can Fix at Our European Auto Shop in Tacoma

Common Causes of No-Start that We Can Fix at Our European Auto Shop in TacomaWhen you first notice that your engine isn't firing up as easily as it usually does, you should get to the shop for an inspection. If you delay, then the problem may soon worsen and prevent your car from starting at all. At Autobahn Specialists, our local mechanics specialize in addressing issues that cause no-start in European vehicles.

Common Problems that Prevent Engines from Starting

Battery/charging system issues are often to blame for no-start. Car batteries die for an assortment of reasons, such as loose/corroded connections, parasitic draws, old age, and leaving on headlights. A bad alternator can also cause a battery to die. Symptoms of alternator failure include dimming/flickering headlights, malfunctioning interior electrical accessories, and an illuminated dashboard warning light that reads GEN, ALT, or is in the shape of a small battery.

Problems with the starter are another common cause of no-start. One sign of starter trouble is that you turn the key and your car won't start, but you do hear a clicking sound. Also, with a bad starter, you might hear a grinding noise.

Fuel supply issues are another common reason that engine's won't start. A clogged-up fuel filter may prevent your engine from getting the fuel it needs to fire up. To prevent this problem, fuel filters should be replaced about every 25,000 miles. Gunked-up fuel injectors can also make it more difficult for your engine to come roaring to life. Pouring a fuel additive into your tank can help with eliminating pollutants from injectors and intake valves. Also, a fuel pump problem can cause issues with getting your car to start. Signs of fuel pump trouble include power loss, sputtering, and a whining noise coming from the fuel tank.

European Auto Repair in Tacoma, WA

When you need European auto repair in Tacoma and the surrounding area, contact Autobahn Specialists at (253) 235-0904. At our nearby European auto shop, we can expertly complete any of your Euro car's repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: February 2022

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